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FROM: Betting Scientist, 1:12 pm
Wednesday Feb 21, 2018

Dear Friend,

It was in July 2001 when I started experimenting with sports betting. I honestly had no interest in sports betting itself...but did (and still do) have a huge interest in combat sports. As an amateur Muay Thai fighter, I've always watched all major UFC, Kickboxing and boxing matches.

And after a night of watching some mid-year Japan K1 Kickboxing tournament, I realized I had accurately predicted the outcome of 9 of the 11 matches. Because of my intimate knowledge of the sport, I naturally had a good success rate when it came to predicting the outcome of kickboxing matches. Then it occurred to me that I could actually be making some money from my predictions. But first I had to make sure it would be worth my effort...so I had to properly explore sports betting for the first time.

Hmm...I just had to check the odds of those fights

So next morning I logged on to the Internet and checked out the bet details. The winning odds of all the matches I had predicted correctly were of excellent value. But then I spotted something weird. I spotted a pattern with all of my winning bets. It's something I could have easily overlooked if I was not good with numbers. But having only such a small sample of bets, I decided that the pattern was just a big coincidence. However, the whole thing just kept bugging me.

I kept asking myself... "Does this pattern
exist across all sports bets?"

There was only one way to find out. I went back to the betting site and applied the pattern to every bet on that day. Later that day at 11pm I decided to check the outcome of those bets. The rest is history. Even though the sample was still very small, the huge success rate gave me assurance that this pattern could not be just a coincidence.

There really had to be something behind this result!

I then applied the system for a whole week...and it worked like magic. But I was still skeptical. As a seasoned horse bettor, I knew a lot about betting and honestly thought something this simple will most likely not work in the long run. But then a whole month had gone by.

At this stage I decided to start putting $50 bets on all qualified matches. The system just kept producing consistent results. I was already doing very well with my horse betting so I really didn't want to expand energy onto another betting avenue unless it was a 'sure thing'. But the system just kept producing incredible results...plus it was very simple to use. So I kept using it.

17 years later my average strike rate settled at 83.7%...
winning 8 out of every 10 bets at very good odds

But things got a bit CRAZY for a while. You see...I started sharing my picks with virtually everyone I knew. The winners just kept rolling in. Then I had people calling me up before certain matches to ask for a tip. It was becoming cumbersome catering to so many people and I was routinely getting distracted from my horse betting.

Then things got even worse...

Three weeks later I got an email from a UK soccer tipster. He wanted me to enter a sports tipster competition for European Football. My ego took over and I said 'Yes' to the challenge. The competition was over 11 days and the tipster who predicted the most winners took the first prize of £5,000. The second prize was £3,000 and third was £1,000.

Unfortunately I had to give a reason using at least 20 words to back every prediction I made (it was one of the competition rules). I knew nothing about soccer. My system was based around the winning patterns of the sports odds and had nothing to do with having the knowledge of the specific sports. So I had to make up 'fake' reasons for every bet I made. It was fun in a twisted sort of way.

Regardless of my B.S reasons, I came second!

I beat 23 other top soccer fanatic tipsters -- and I knew nothing about the sport. Even I was shocked! Next I decided to have some more fun. I started trolling Tennis, American Football and Basketball forums. I entered every tipping competition I could find. Needless to say, the other tipsters were not happy at all when I started to take out some of the main prizes.

Fast forward 17 years and here I'm still enjoying incredible results from the same system. And finally I've decided to share it with the betting public. Once again, my conscious had kicked in and I really want everyone with ambition to use this simple but very profitable system. There's money sitting on the table just waiting for you to grab your share. So let's get started.

Here's what some tipsters & experts
have to say about my system...

"When this dude "solidodds44" started posting MLB picks at my forum, I thought nothing of it. After his 7th straight win, he started to gain a lot of followers. After his 22nd pick, he just disappeared. But by then he had 19 winners at amazing odds. I was swamped by emails from angry members who wanted to know when "solidodds44" was coming back. Luckily he did not return because he was making my picks look really bad."
Leo H - MLB & NFL Specialist
"I tested Solid Odds against my own prediction and was stunned with the results. Now I use the system rules as an aid to cement my final predictions. I just hope my followers never find out about my secret."
P***** *********
"Just letting you know that your system picked all bets correctly for the whole week at Aussie Open. My personal strike rate was 76%. You beat me..."
Dennis Wong - Sports Tipster
"You really smacked me with your results. 36 winners from 42 matches, that's pretty impressive even to a tipster like myself. I didn't believe your claim of not knowing much about soccer until I realized how well known you are among horse betting punters. You put a lot of specialists tipsters to shame."
G. Bayer - Bristol, UK
"Hey man, thanks for taking up my challenge. The results were really good and I hope you all the best at the next one. Your 87% win rate might be the personal best for our site for a very long time."
Kevin Pshevlots - Tipster

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