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The FASTEST Way to Become a Pro Bettor is to Learn from My 26 Years of SOLID Experience...
A 64-Page Super Book on Pro Betting
"Lend Me Your Hand So I Can Take You Through Each of the Steps Required to Turn a Complete Beginner into a Professional Bettor...
...Dispelling all the Myths While Uncovering the Facts on Making a Living from Betting!"
FROM: Betting Scientist, 1:12 pm
Wednesday Feb 21, 2018

Dear Friend,

This is one of those publications that I don't really need to explain. Below is the actual Table of Contents of this amazing book...and it speaks for itself. I wrote this guide because I don't want to leave any of my clients wondering what it takes to become a professional bettor.

This really is the definitive guide to
betting like a successful professional

This is a 64-page book carefully written by me to break complete novices into professional horse betting. Even if you already have betting experience, you'll still find this book very helpful. This book does not contain a system to select horses. But instead focuses on all other aspects of professional betting.

The book starts out with the basics of horse racing betting and then explains several extremely valuable money management techniques. I'll show you how I generate HUGE PROFITS from simple bets. You'll also learn how to run your betting just like a proper business. Plus I also bust some of the most common betting myths paddled by self-proclaimed betting experts.

I basically let you peek into the mind of a professional bettor. You almost never get opportunities like this. So this is truly special and very valuable.

Here's the table of contents...

Chapter #1:   Why Anyone Can Easily Make Money from Horse Betting
- Why it's Much Easier to Profit from Horse Racing Now, than Ever Before
Chapter #2:   Horseracing Basics - Get Started Immediately
- Horseracing in a Nutshell
- Understanding Odds - it's Very Simple
- Common Types of Bets
- How Much Could You Win
- Legal Betting Age & Other Restrictions
- Two Main Types of Bookmakers
- How to Bet
- Where to Bet
Chapter #3:   Obtaining & Using Form Information
- What Information Does the Form Guide Cover
- The Specific Information to Look for in Form Guides
- How to Obtain Form Guide in Your Country
Chapter #4:   Establishing and Growing Your Betting Bank
- What's a Betting Bank and Why You Need One
- How to Grow Your Betting Bank and Generate an Income
- Here Are Two 'Not So Robust' Methods You Can Still Use
- The Money Management Methods You Should Never Use
Chapter #5:   11 Reasons Why Horse Betting is the Best Money Maker
 1. Mass Scalability
 2. Recession Proof
 3. Start On Any Budget
 4. Can be Easily Automated
 5. No Endless Researching
 6. Lifetime of Income
 7. Fun, Excitement and Satisfaction
 8. No Selling, Ever
 9. 'Work' Around Your Own Schedule
 10. Could be A Tax Haven
 11. Literally, Anyone Legal to Bet Can Profit
Chapter #6:   5 Huge Horse Racing Myths Busted, Once and For All
Myth # 1: In the Long Term the Bookmaker and Racetracks Always Win
Myth # 2: If You Start Betting Big, No One Will Take Your Bets
Myth # 3: You Need to Be at the Tracks and Have Inside Info to Win
Myth # 4: Racing Tipsters 'Showing' Remarkable Results Should be Used
Myth # 5: Hot Favorites that Pay Short Odds Should be Avoided
Chapter #7:   Backing VS Lay Betting - Why I Prefer Backing
- How Does Lay Betting Work
- Here's Why I Prefer Backing Type Bets
- Lay Betting & Betting Exchanges

As you can see...I do put in a lot of effort to ensure my clients are getting tremendous value from my publications. Pro Horse Betting book is one of those supplementary books that you'll find extremely helpful when using my betting systems.

Just look at what some other users
have said about this super book...

"I'm really glad I read this book. It is a game changer for those who don't have the professional betting mind set already. It's all well and good having a system that works. But I still did not have a good enough plan to turn betting into a highly productive business. This book really set me straight."
Nigel Orr - Canada
"After attempting to make money from betting close to a dozen times, I gave up. I had no idea that there was more to profitable betting than just winning bets. With this book the Betting Scientist has done a great job at getting you set up properly so that you don't 'fall off the wagon'. I've read it 3 times and love the to-the-point writing style. Now my confidence is restored and I'm finally making money from betting. A change in direction is all I needed and the book provided me with just that."
Giles Freeman - Australia
"As a book critic I find the Betting Scientist more to be a helper than a writer. He has written this book not trying to please publishers. Instead he has written it to help his clients and he does a very good job at just that. As a complete novice at horse betting, I easily grasped the ins and outs of betting rather quickly. The book is very thorough and stays on topic. Now I have more knowledge than my husband, who is a betting fanatic. Ten out of ten from me."
Tracey McGrath - Ireland
"Great and refreshing book on a topic that really interests me. Those horseracing myths were a real eye opener. I know better now. You really should publish it on Kindle as it could easily become a best seller under betting."
Andrew Mence - FL, USA
"I can honestly say that everyone who bets even once a week should read this book. Even if you bet just for leisure, you could have more fun while making money. I used to be a reckless gambler who was in it for fun. But now I have more fun by treating betting like an actual business and profiting from it. Thanks for such a terrific book."
Craig Voice - West Valley, Arizona
"The principles and strategies covered are concise and very powerful. Most people cannot see the obvious moneymaking strategies from betting even though they are starring them right at their faces. We need books like these to point out 'the obvious'."
Bill Nikau - Paraparaumu, New Zealand
"I obtained this book just for the chapter on managing your Betting Bank. I really wanted to see how the professionals manage their betting cash flow and investment. I was absolutely stoked with what I read and cannot wait to get started."
Mark Hawkins - Norfolk, UK (IT Expatriate)

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